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[Verse 1]
Every single night a different girl, I don't really do the same hoes
Imma keep on switchin up until I find someone worthy of me, faithful
Lately all these bitches feel the same
In my bed but and I don't even know her name
Since I've been on now they see the money long and they wanna know (now they wanna know)

But I won't let em get a hold of me
If I wasn't up they wouldn't notice me
Now they pull up to the shows for me
Wanna come and talk to me like Jodеci
I fell outta love, I got a hold of me
Wanna bе the one you gotta show to me
Show me you know how to play your role
If you ain't got it then I gotta let you go

[Verse 2]
They gon party through the day, till they nose real runny
Hoes ain't gonna behave if you ain't got honey
Now they say they love me even though they don't love me
Baby we could just pretend, do a line
Lemme see you take it off, take it off for me
Show it off, show it off for me
Talkin cash I keep a lot on me
I make enough of it to go around, are you excited now
Reckless, I want you on top, just skin in the middle
Keep it goin don't stop, speed up just a little
When I've had enough, break ya off like it's brittle
You should know that


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