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After years of wearing curtain bangs, I've finally mastered how to get the perfect look. In this video, I'll show you how to get quick and easy heatless curls, how to use a curling wand, and how to curl with a straightening iron vs barrel curls. Plus, you'll even get to see a couple of my favorite hair products for long lasting, soft curls. Check out these tips and tricks for effortless, perfect bangs.

#CurtainBangs #Hair #Hairstyles #HeatlessCurls

0:00 Introduction
0:10 How to do heatless curls
0:33 Favorite leave in conditioner
0:45 Heatless curtain bang curls result
1:12 How to use curling wand
2:00 Barrel curls on curtain bangs
2:49 How to curl with a flat iron
3:20 Barrel curls vs Straightening iron curls
3:25 Hair spray and finishing touches

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I've Become an Expert at Styling My Curtain Bangs | Simply | Real Simple