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#MischiefOfMice #Minecraft #VintageStory
Vintage Story is a game of it's own that was origianlly created from a Minecraft mod called Vintage Craft that pulled a lot of inspiration from the TerraFirma Craft mod. It's Like Minecraft but built on a different engine, is lighter weight, prettier and has a lot of progression in it with an overall dark story theme that is slowly revealed as you explore more. It's still in early access but it has had a major release recently adding in a whole new set of steel processing, a character creator, classes, new items, weapons, tools, enitities, foods, seasons, temperature and more. This vid is our progress on a patron/supporter server. It's highly addictive and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Get the game here: https://www.vintagestory.at/
Mods we have installed: Better Crates, CarryCapacity, Workbench Expansion, Primitive Survival
Client side mods I have installed: VSHUD, StepUp

🐁Mischief of Mice links: https://hypel.ink/mischiefofmice 🐭
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